Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Introducing Giulia and the First Day of School!

I'd like to introduce Giulia Molteni!

Giulia comes to us from outside Milan, Italy, and she has joined us in Chicago specifically to work with the YOURS Project. She has a theory and piano background, having worked in music therapy programs in Italy with youth and adults. She has come to our country because she is interested in learning and observing how an El Sistema-inspired program in the United States works with youth. Out of all the great programs growing in the USA, she chose to spend time with us, here at the YOURS Project! We are honored and so excited to have her with us this month.

Giulia will be joining me as a guest blogger for the next few weeks, as I have asked her to share her thoughts on the program each day she is here. Below is her beautiful post about her first day with the program:

Tuesday 9/4 

Today the YOURS PROJECT at Monroe Elementary School in Chicago has finally started off! Tom Madeja, the Nucleo Director of this amazing Project, warmly welcomed both the teachers and the students, sharing with them his enthusiasm and expectations for the new school year. 
The teaching staff consists of young and very energetic people: Aryiole Frost is the Children's Orchestra Conductor, Ivana Dudnik will be working with the strings students, Jessica Pearce will teach the brass students, Peter Tashjian will be working with the percussion players, and Erendira Izguerra will help teach violin.  
As a volunteer, I'm so happy to join this project for this month and I feel it is important that the experiences of these children be told!  
I strongly believe that everybody always has something special to share with others and music really helps everyone to talk about themselves and their experiences. So, as Tom outlined today, a course of music is not just a matter of graduating, but above all a way of being better people.
My hope is that a daily report about the children will make us all be amazed by the healing power of music.
YOURS PROJECT of Chicago, thank you for your important mission!
-Giulia Molteni

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