Saturday, September 15, 2012

Giulia's Seventh Day - Pictures and Reflections!

Our guest blogger and volunteer from Italy, Giulia Molteni, reflects on her 7th day with the YOURS Project:

An intensive week has just gone by at Hibbard Elementary School of Chicago. So far, in this amazing journey within the YOURS Project, I have met new friends and introduced you to some of them, sharing with you their musical backgrounds, previous experiences, feelings, and plans for the upcoming months. Day after day, during the next two weeks of my staying in Chicago, we'll find out more about these energetic and dedicated people involved with YOURS Project and we'll delve into new interesting stories.
What I really enjoyed was not only the hard work on strictly music stuff, such as covering the fundamentals - how to get a good sound, practising singing, solving rythmical problems - but I also really enjoyed the time spent discussing what was going on, why we were doing this work, and sharing different points of view. Also, we went and listened to excellent performers at the Beethoven Festival Art and Music: a great enriching occasion for both the YOURS Project interns and the teachers.
This week has been a breath of fresh air and enthusiasm. Much has already been said and much is going to happen and be defined in this growing Project. But, you know, when in a group there's a common goal, one's reliability and positive attitude will inspire confidence throughout the whole team.

-Giulia Molteni

YOURS Project Interns and Teachers :)


A YOURS Project Internship Art Project

Introducing: Ben Bolter, our new YOURS Orchestra Conductor!

Happy and musical at the end of great week <3 

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