Thursday, September 27, 2012

Giulia Interviews Jonathon - Nine-Year-Old Violinist/Conductor

Our guest blogger and volunteer from Italy, Giulia Molteni, reflects on her time with the YOURS Project:


My time here in Chicago is coming to an end. Before I leave, I'd like to introduce you to a few other dear fellows I have met during this adventurous journey through the YOURS Project. 
Today I had an inspiring talk with Jonathan, an amazing violin player, only nine years old. Every time I speak with kids, I'm always amazed by their ability to express thoughts and feelings in such a genuine and sincere way.

Giulia: Hey Jonathan, when and why did you start playing music?

Jonathan: I started playing in the orchestra when I was in kindergarten. I've been playing violin from three and a half years of age. Actually I didn't start with violin, I started with drums! Now I play them just for fun. A couple of months ago, I was playing clarinet for a week but then I discovered that it wasn't my instrument.I belong to a family of musicians. Once my father told me that my grandparents played all the brass instruments!

G: Wow! A close friend and great teacher at Monroe Elementary School told me that not only do you play an instrument, but also you love conducting! I'm really curious to find out more about that..

J: Well, one day at the rehearsal we were practicing William Tell with the orchestra. Since Milan (the YOURS orchestra conductor at the time) was working with others, I decided to grab my bow and start conducting. Deborah (The YOURS Project Founder) saw me and she asked if I wanted be a conductor and I said "yes!!". Then Miss Ivana taught me conducting at rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday. In the auditorium of the school I conducted Star Wars and other great pieces! My parents and my little sister went every time to see me at the concerts! Now at home my sister and I usually play concertos and pieces we find on the internet and we have a lot of fun conducting!

G: Great! So Jonathan, it seems that you spend lots of time playing and listening to music. What is your favorite musical genre?

J: Rap!! I love the singer Tyler James Williams. In his songs, he always tells about others and never about himself.

G: What is music for you?

J: It's my life!! It helps me think about the others and not only about myself. Every time I go downtown and pick my mother up, there's so much music around me. I'm happy!!

G: Your spontaneous answer explains everything! So you want to become a great musician..

J: Actually I want to become a paleontologist! I've wanted to ever since I heard about dinosaurs and saw a really cool show about them. Now I read a lot of books on dinosaurs. But even if I become a paleontologist, I'll spend my spare time practicing and music will be in my life forever.

The photo of this kid speaks for itself: two very deep brown eyes, a shy and genuine smile, a long path ahead of him and, mostly, lots of enthusiasm and positive attitude that must be an example for everyone! 

2012-09-25 15.43.55.jpg
Jonathon - age 9

-Giulia Molteni 

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