Monday, November 7, 2011

Picture Day

I started this morning with mocha and a meeting with a musician born and bred here in New Orleans. He shared his perspective on growing up in this community and the role music has played for him throughout his life, particularly in light of post-Katrina regrowth- more on that in a later post. I then spent time with two orchestras. The first orchestra was the LPO- I had a meeting with some of their leadership regarding potential models of El Sistema programs in New Orleans and their view on how it could fit into/contribute to the already rich and complex cultural/social landscape of the city. The second orchestra was Youth Orchestra of the Lower 9th Ward, a budding El Sistema inspired program already making strides to transform the lives of youth in their community. It was a very good day. 

I've been taking pictures and videos of my adventures in the city, and I haven't really been sharing. I really do want to though, so I'm posting a few below- but first...

Questions of the day:
How does a child learn to listen? to learn the value of listening? 

At Silence is Violence 

The Katrina watermark on a local Starbucks

At Jackson Sq. in the French Quarter 

A crawfish boil - have you ever had one?

The clubs, bars, and streets are FILLED with jazz performers. Notice the drummer. 


  1. I think it is good that you are coming down here and meeting all the good people we have down here. I hope you are taking in all the good good things New Orleans have to offer. Maybe one day I will meet you and you can share some of your experiences with me!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your experience, the music, food ect and wish you come back to visit Xavier prep high school.
    Kimani Ramee