Friday, November 11, 2011

Are you ready?

I shared the cool New Orleans air this morning over coffee with the coordinator of youth programming for Silence is Violence. Then I had a lovely conversation with Monika Vischer, the board chair for El Sistema Colorado - check it out, they're set to launch January 9th, 2012! Very exciting.

I called the Music Director for the Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestras (GNOYO), Jean Mont├Ęs, today to try to set up a time to sit down and learn more about the great work he's doing with and within the communities of New Orleans. After picking up the phone, the first words he uttered were a question, a challenge:

"Are you ready to change the world?" 

Well, are you?

Questions of the day:
What does it take to transform the life of a child? 
What does it take to transform a community? 
How can that transform you?

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